Thursday, July 6, 2017

Writer’s Workshop: A Laugh From “Frasier”

This week’s prompt: The last thing that made you laugh.

Mary and I were watching Frasier last evening (it’s Tuesday, so we’re talking about Monday night) and one of our favorite episides came on: “Look Before You Leap,” a show from the third season that aired originally on February 27, 1996. (Thank you, IMDb.) The show opens on February 29, leap year day, and Frasier tells everyone they should take a leap of faith that day.

Naturally, it blows up in everyone’s face. He encouraged his father, Martin, to fly somewhere to celebrate his friend’s sixteenth birthday (the friend was born on leap year day), and the plane develops mechanical failure. He encourages Daphne, Martin’s health-care worker, to change her hairstyle, which she’s been talking about doing, and the result was a disaster and she was in tears. He talks Roz, his producer, into making an announcement on the radio to try and get in touch with a guy she met on the bus; when the guy arrives at the studio with flowers, he tells Roz he’s married, and she nearly beats the man to death with the flowers. For his part, Frasier, who has been asked to make an appearance on public TV and sing “Buttons And Bows” for a pledge drive, announces to all of Seattle that he will instead be singing an aria from Verdi’s Rigoletto. And, well… watch the video….

We laugh like idiots whenever we see that.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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