Monday, July 31, 2017

Manic Monday: There Ain’t No Cure…

“Summertime Blues.” Yeah, I have ’em. I’m having a lot of medical and dental stuff coming up, along with the costs. But it’s got to be done, I guess. And, we’ve reached the Dog Days of Summer when it gets really hot and really humid here in the South. Except it wasn’t so bad this morning, only about 62° (those are Fahrenheits, not centigrades) and not a cloud in the sky. Now it’s about 25° warmer (again, Fahrenheits) and the humidity is up, too. But still, not a cloud in the sky.

Who am I to complain, though? It could be worse: the kids went back to school today. I feel bad for them, because they get a whole month less summer vacation than we did. Summer should just be getting started for them. I mean, I always though August was the best month of summer. They get to spend it in school. Really, great weather outside, and they’re cooped up in a classroom getting the eyeballs bored out of them. Are they really going to learn that much more in an extra month of school? My guess is no. Oh, yeah, they give them a week off here, a week off there, so it’s not as though they’re spending more time in school than we did, but you give a kid a choice between having a whole month added to summer vacation and giving that month back to them one week at a time over ten months, I bet they’d go for the former. I know I would.

That’s the summertime blues for you.

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