Thursday, June 29, 2017

Writer’s Workshop: 15 Lines About 1,800 Posts

Kat and her family are having a wonderful time, I hope, on vacation, and didn’t mention anything about whether or not we’d still be doing Writer’s Workshop today. I’m assuming we are, so I looked up this month’s prompts and chose one from the group I think we’re on: writing a post in exactly fifteen (15) lines.

This is an exciting time here at The Sound of One Hand Typing. This Saturday, July 1, marks the third anniversary of the day I started posting here every day. Those three years mean that I will have posted on 1,096 days, and that means that July 4 will be the 1,100th straight day. I keep thinking I should do something to celebrate these achivements, but I’m not sure which one I should make a bigger deal.

And there’s that little voice that says I shouldn’t make a big deal out of either, that I should wait until my 2,000th post. I checked to see how many I have, and realized, much to my delight, that this post is my 1,800th. So this is also a special day.

Every blogger has a reason for starting a blog. Whether it’s a good one or bad one, whether they have something to say or just decide to start one for giggles, there is something that gets them going. I started TSOOHT in 2012 because at the time I wanted to be a big-time novelist (as Jethro Bodine would say), and Kristen Lamb said that “If ya wanna be a big-time novelist, ya just gotta have a blog,” but in doing that, I realized I don’t even like to read novels.

Will I write a book someday? I’m sure I will; with 1800 posts behind me, I have more than enough material, and I think I’ve managed to develop the habit of writing every day. But for now, I’m having too much fun to quit, because I love writing like this, and all of you for reading it.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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