Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Rain In Rein Falls Mainly On The Reign #socs

I have a pet peeve: it’s free rein, not free reign. “Free rein” is an equestrian term; the OED says it means “a rein held loosely to allow a horse free motion; the freedom that this gives a horse.” When applied to humans, it means “autonomy,” as in “You have free rein to go where you want to.”

Sorry to go all Sister Mary Antagonista on you, but man! Drives me nuts.


As for “rain,” everyone knows by now about my YouTube “Rain” playlist, so we don’t have to talk about that. We’ve been having some incredible rain this week, thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy, which hasn’t caused as much damage as we believed it would. The forecast for here tells us the remnants of Cindy are going to join forces with an incoming cold front tonight, and the results could be exciting, as in “hurry up and get in the basement.”

(I probably should mention I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, because I’m at Starbucks and Linda has been kind enough to get the prompt out there early enough)

Has anyone else noticed that TV meteorologists get really excited when there’s severe weather and they get a chance to show off all their tools? We missed most of Jeopardy! last night because there was the threat of tornadoes in a county about fifty miles away from where we live. The guy was practically hopping up and down when he said, “we have to stay on the air with this until the storm passes!” Great. Let’s go watch The Munsters. Guess we’ll find out tonight who won yesterday.

It’s been a busy week. We had our six-month tooth cleanings on Monday, and it appears we’re in for a lot more time at the dentist than usual. Oh, joy. On Tuesday, we had the roofer come out because, thanks to the heavy rain Monday, we seem to have a leak, and that will probably result in men climbing around on the roof and banging on it in the near future. I was back to physical therapy for more lymphatic drainage on Wednesday, because last year’s efforts didn’t last. I’ve got a different therapist this time, and we’ll see how well this lasts.

So, that’s it from my end…


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