Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday’s Music Moves Me: College Fight Songs!

When we did destinations last week, Biker Chick suggested the song “On Wisconsin,” which is both a destination and a university. That made me think that a good theme for today would be college fight songs. Here are ten that I chose because I knew people that went to school there or were in places that I liked.

  1. On Wisconsin! This was the song that started this list. Thanks, Biker Chick!
  2. Notre Dame Fight Song I think every Irish Catholic in the country considers Notre Dame an alma mater of sorts. I had an uncle that went there.
  3. Fighting Illini Fight Song A few of my cousins, my friend Mark, and half my senior class went to Illinois, so I had to include this.
  4. “Glory” (UGA Fight Song) Half my friends from my twenty-year job went here.
  5. Ramblin’ Wreck From Georgia Tech The other half of my friends from that job went here. Plus, a lot of our friends from church have sons and daughters (mostly daughters; who says girls are no good at STEM?) who go here.
  6. Tennessee Fight Song Our co-host Cathy lives nearby, plus I have a cousin who taught there. I’ve been to Knoxville many times and think it’s a great place. Never saw the campus, though.
  7. Auburn Fight Song I used to visit a client in Alexander City, Alabama, and if you got off I-85 and turned the other way you’d find yourself in Auburn. I knew someone who was in their School of Veterinary Medicine. Also Tim Hudson, who played for the Braves, and Frank Thomas, who played for the White Sox, attended here.
  8. Seton Hall Fight Song I have a cousin who lives in New Jersey, and he and his son were Big East basketball fans. I’ve been to a couple of games, one with the cousin and one with his son (who’s also a cousin, I just realized), and had a good time, so I included the Pirates’ fight song here.
  9. Northwestern Fight Song By now you know I spent a couple of undistinguished years as a Wildcat. I was going to say they never won a football game when I was there, but I believe they beat the Oregon Ducks at the end of the 1974 season. Never won another game while I was there, and temporarily held the record for losses in a row. They went to the Rose Bowl a couple of years back, and I had to watch because I just coulodn’t believe they were in it. True to form, they lost.
  10. Hail Loyola! I didn’t realize that my alma mater (BBA January ’78) had a fight song. Shows what I know.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 26, 2017.

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  1. Now, that's different! When I'm more in the mood to cheer, I'll be listening! Rah rah rah Alana