Sunday, June 25, 2017

Just Your Run-of-the-mill Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Ford Motor Company. Nobody outperforms Ford!

I love these old car commercials.

The Week That Was

Busy week this week, as I talked about yesterday. By the way, my apologies to my fellow Battle of the Bands posters. I had every intention of getting to all of you, but I got interrupted and somehow it slipped my mind. I have a memory like a colander sometimes. Anyway, here’s the summary of last week.

Mary B. chose the theme this past week, which was “destinations.” There must be thousands of songs with destinations in the title, and I gave you eleven and you took it from there. I’ll be doing destinations on Fridays for the next few weeks, I think.


Helen Reddy was the featured artist this week. I have enough acts from the Seventies that will probably last me through the summer, if you were wondering. By the way, several of you mentioned they liked Tanya Tucker’s version of “Delta Dawn” better. Do you realize she was about 15 when she recorded it?

My one-liner this week was from the famous Mary Schmich column in the Chicago Tribune where she wrote the commencement speech she would deliver if she were asked to delivered one, which was turned into a song by Baz Luhrman. It was my annual day to remind everyone about sun safety, it also being the anniversary of the death of my stepfather Jack “Tex” Christian (Pat’s father), who died from melanoma on that date in 1992. As Mary Schmich said, wear sunscreen.

I was asked to tell ya’ll about the last concert I attended. For me, it was in 1992 when I happened to be in Toronto the same night as jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli was there giving a concert. My concert-going days came to a memorable conclusion.

I pointed out that The Friday Five is rapidly becoming The Friday Five Times Two, as I featured the ten songs my brother Kip came up with that Monday.


My most recent battle, “Battle ‘Big Blue Diamonds’: Van Morrison vs. Percy Sledge” was won rather decisively by Percy Sledge, 9-1. The next battle is on July 15, and this time I promise I’ll get to everyone that’s doing a battle.


The prompt was rain/rein/reign and I managed to get all three in to the post.

Nothing special is planned for this week. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a few extra posts in between all the usual stuff. You will, if I think of something.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you soon!

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