Thursday, June 8, 2017

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “All Or Nothing At All” Results


This was another of those battles where one of the contestants easily defeats the other, or in this case, the others. To review: the song was “All Or Nothing At All,” and the contestants were Sarah Vaughan, June Christy, and Billie Holiday. The final score:

Sarah Vaughan: 12
June Christy: 1
Billie Holiday: 2

It’s been my experience that any time Sarah Vaughan is in the running, she wins, usually by a significant margin. I think I’ll retire her, like baseball and other sports teams retire the numbers of the significant players in franchise history.

Many thanks to Birgit, whose vote kept June Christy from being shut out entirely.

Anyway, congratulations to Sarah Vaughan and kudos to June Christy and Billie Holiday for a job well done.

Our next Battle of the Bands will be on June 15. See you then!

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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