Monday, May 15, 2017

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Let’s) Get Together”


I was searching for information on the song “Get Together” by the Youngbloods, for some reason. You remember it, don’t you?

Checking The Blogger’s Best Friend, I learned that The Youngbloods released the song in 1967, and it did OK (#62 on the Hot 100, #37 on the Adult Contemporary chart). It was used as the background music for a radio commercial by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, which brought it back to people’s attention, and it reached #5 on the Hot 100 in 1969.

I also learned that The Youngbloods were far from the first artists to do the song. It was written by singer-songwriter Chet Powers (also known as Dino Valenti), who titled it “Let’s Get Together,” and that The Kingston Trio were the first to record it on the album Back In Town in 1964. Several other artists have recorded it, including the two acts we’ll be featuring in this battle. Your job will be to listen to both versions and vote (by leaving a comment) for the version you like better. The Youngbloods are not contestants in this battle, so no matter how much more you like their version, please don’t vote for them. OK? OK!

CONTESTANT #1: We Five The song was a followup to We Five’s hit “You Were On My Mind.” It was released in 1965 and reached #31.

CONTESTANT #2: Jefferson Airplane This was on their first album, 1966’s Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. Released as a single, it barely reached the Hot 100, peaking at #97.

Now it’s time to vote: which did you prefer, We Five’s or Jefferson Airplane’s? Leave me a comment with your choice. I’ll be announcing the winner next Sunday, so have your vote in by then. When you’ve finished, how about going over to Stephen T. McCarthy’s Battle of the Bands blog, where he has a list of all the current participants in Battle of the Bands, and checking out some of the other battles going on today?

The lines are now open. Good luck to We Five and Jefferson Airplane!

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