Thursday, April 13, 2017

Writer’s Workshop: My Five Favorite Apps

So the prompt is “List your top five favorite apps.” I’m not much of a phone/tablet person, but there are some apps that I use a lot, most of which are not especially fun, but very useful.

  1. Evernote. If you use Evernote, you probably can’t get along without it. Things printed on paper get lost. I scan them into Evernote, and they’re always around. It’s especially useful with product manuals, because the minute you need to look at it you can’t find it. I find the manual online and attach the PDF to a note. When I pay a bill, I put the payment confirmation in there. I pay the money to have ten gigabytes of uploads per month, and the ability to email things into it. If I’m looking for something, I can do a search on it, and if it’s in a note Evernote can find it. Best of all, I can use it on my desktop, my phone, my Kindle Fire, and on my laptop via the browser.
  2. Feedly. I read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of YouTube channels. Every blog has an RSS feed, as does every YouTube channel. Whether the blog is on, self-hosted WordPress, Blogger, or anything else with an RSS feed, I can get it through Feedly. I can save articles to read later, tag them by adding them to a knowledge board, or save them to any number of apps, including…
  3. Pocket. I can go through Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything that generates a URL, and save it in Pocket. Pocket used to be called Read It Later, and that’s just what it’s good for: saving things to read later. You can tag articles and archive them, and share your curated list with other users. You can, but I don’t. For me, if I want to save an article or webpage, I save it in Evernote. It’s useful to hold on to web pages I find when I’m doing research.
  4. Dropbox. I might find a picture or file that I want to save to use later, so I save it in Dropbox. It’s a virtual directory where the items you save are kept on the cloud and available on all your devices. (Yes, I could also save the stuff in Evernote; maybe one of these days I’ll migrate everything there.) Where it’s most useful is where I take a picture or create a file on my phone, and I want it available on my desktop. I’ve got Dropbox set up to automatically back up the pictures on my phone, so after getting the pictures, I open Dropbox and all the pictures are copied there. No messing with USB cables!
  5. Retype. This is an iPhone and iPad-only app. Most of the badges I use on my blog were created in Retype. As Sumoing, the creator of Retype and a few other apps, says on their page for the app, “Retype is perfect for creating posters, invitations, banners or if you just want to say something in style.” Since I’m not especially artsy, it really helps when I need to create a badge, and it allows me to save into Dropbox.

So, those are my five. What are yours?

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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