Sunday, April 2, 2017

(Slightly Belated) BATTLE OF THE BANDS: Gabriel vs. Collins


I want to apologize to Birgit, who thought that yesterday’s A to Z Challenge was also the Battle of the Bands. I had intended on getting this out, but spent a lot more time reading and commenting on blogs yesterday than I thought I was. So we’re a little behind on this, for which I also apologize.

The subject of yesterday’s A to Z post was Abacab, the eleventh studio album by the band Genesis. The lead singer for the band on that album, and for every Genesis studio album since their seventh (1976’s A Trick Of The Tail), was Phil Collins, also the band’s drummer. A friend of mine who’s a drummer said it’s hard to sing and play the drums at the same time (though not as hard as it is to sing and play the clarinet at the same time), so Phil is to be commended for that. He started a solo career, while continuing as a member of Genesis, in 1978, releasing the album Face Value in 1981.

The band’s original singer, the one who appeared on the first six albums, was Peter Gabriel, who left in 1975 and launched a solo career immediately after, finally finding huge success with his 1986 album So…. The biggest hit from that album was “Sledgehammer,” which won nine MTV Music Awards (in the days when MTV actually concerned itself with music) and remains the most-played video on that channel.

Anyway, after reading Birgit’s comments, I decided that this battle should pit the two Genesis singers against one another. I chose a couple of songs from roughly the same period of time, and your job will be to listen to them, decide which one you like better, and leave me a comment telling me which you liked better. Your choices are:

Peter Gabriel, “Sledgehammer”

Phil Collins, “Sussudio”

Voting is open to everyone, whether or not you’ve voted in one of these or done a Battle of the Bands yourself. Please cast your vote in the comments below, and if you feel the need to tell me why, be my guest. Then, I’m not sure how many on the list below are having Battles this month, but you might want to check their blogs and vote in their Battles as well…

* Stephen has the current list of participants on his site

I’ll announce the winners in next week’s “The Week That Was” post, so be sure and get your vote in before then. The lines are now open. Best of luck to Peter and Phil!

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