Tuesday, April 11, 2017

INFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, INTJ #atozchallenge

INFJ etc.

This is my sixth A to Z Challenge, and there’s always a letter that gives me trouble. It’s usually X, because there are few words that start with X, although I’ve figured out that X is the Roman numeral for ten, so I usually do a list of ten things. X is also the Greek letter chi, and sometimes that works. This year X isn’t a problem. I is. There are no words that I could find that started with I and ended with J, using my theme for this year.

Then I had an idea: Myers-Briggs!


There are four abbreviations of the MBTI personality types that start with I and end with J, specifically the four listed in the title. The I indicates a person who is primarily introverted: inward-focused, quiet, reflective, etc. The opposite would be someone who is extraverted, outwardly-focused, gregarious, etc. The J indicates a person who judges based on whether they are more as thinker or a feeler, and prefers to have things settled. The opposite is a person whose perceives things either as concrete or abstract, and like to leave their options open.

This gets quite complicated, as you can see… The Wikipedia article I linked to above goes into more detail and explain the middle two letters of each type.

Several websites, among them 16Personalities.com, assign names to each of the sixteen personality types and give a brief description of what the types mean. Here is what 16Personalities says about each of these four personality types.

Have you taken a test that purports to show you your Myers-Briggs personality type? Does it agree with your own assessment?

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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