Monday, January 16, 2017

The British Invasion (Monday’s Music Moves Me)

Naila-Moon left one in my wheelhouse, to use a baseball expression, when she declared this week’s music to be all about “The British Invasion”! From February through July of 2015, I did a series on The British Invasion for Two for Tuesday. Here was the badge, in fact…

The full list of all of my Two for Tuesdays has links to all the posts I did for it. Search for “British Invasion” when you get there. As is often the case, some of the videos are gone, but enough are still there. I purposely avoided The Beatles, not because I didn’t want to feature them (I did), but because the shysters lawyers for something called WMG made everyone take their videos down under threat of death a lawsuit. Fortunately, their music is being posted on Vevo (apparently with the approval of WMG), so we can share some of it here.

Free As A Bird – The Beatles This song kicked off Anthology 1. Apparently Yoko found a tape John made before he died, and gave it to Paul, George, and Ringo to see what they could do with it. They listened and turned it into a masterpiece. You want to know how they might have sounded if they stayed together? Here it is. As far as I know, it’s the only song attributed to all four Beatles.

19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones The Beatles were always seen as the clean and innocent group, whereas The Rolling Stones, not so much. There was always this “Beatles vs. Stones” rivalry that the teen fan mags tried to create, but they were actually friends and it was Lennon & McCartney that inspired Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to write their own songs, such as this one.

Because – The Dave Clark 5 Another fan mag rivalry was between The Beatles and The Dave Clark 5, mostly because “Glad All Over” knocked “I Want To Hold Your Hand” out of the top spot on the British charts, but again, they sounded different: where The Beatles typified the “Liverpool” sound, the DC5 typified the “Tottenham” sound.

A Summer Song – Chad & Jeremy Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde might be best remembered as the singing duo whose voices were stolen by Catwoman (Julie Newmar) in an episode of Batman (it was just on a couple of weeks ago), but they had a number of hits in the Sixties and are one of my favorite singing duos.

There’s a Kind of Hush – Herman’s Hermits The adorable Peter Noone, called “Herman” because a pub owner thought he looked like Sherman from “Peabody’s Improbable History,” and his group had a string of hits in the Sixties. I got this record for my eleventh birthday from a friend of mine, and it was one of my favorites. (Hard to believe it was fifty years ago…)

And that’s this week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me.

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