Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nature’s Garbage #JusJoJan

For the last day of Just Jot It January, Lorraine from Lorraines’s frilly freudian slip gives us the word “detritus.”

This is a fantastic exercise, and I’d like to thank Linda for once again hosting it and for giving us all the opportunity to submit words to be used as prompts for the month. A few of them have given me trouble, and “detritus” is one of them. So, I went to the dictionary online and learned that detritus is “a loose mass of stones, silt, etc. that has been worn away from rocks,” such as by a glacier or by water washing against it. It also gives the definition “any disintegrated material; debris.”

It sorta-kinda sounds like rubbish, doesn’t it? And it is, sorta-kinda, the difference being rubbish is created by man and detritus by nature.

The conclusion? Yes, it is…

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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