Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Top Twelve Blog Posts of 2016 And What They Tell Me

One of today’s Writer’s Workshop prompts is to share my top twelve posts from this past year. That isn’t as easy as it sounds, because first you have to figure out how to determine what constitutes the best posts: is it page views, comments, or just what I consider to be my best posts. I don’t have accurate information on the total number of page views I’m getting, and even if I did those statistics would include visits by spambots and web crawlers. So I decided to use comments as my basis for determining my most popular posts from last year. I know, half the comments on my posts are me responding to your comment, but that seems to be the most accurate way.

So, here they are. I’ll have some observations when I’m finished.

#12. September 12, TV Game Show Themes, 32 comments

#11. March 3, My Top Ten Favorite Candies, 34 comments

#10. October 6, Blogging Is My Life…, 36 comments

#9. April 4, Codec, 37 comments

#8. April 5, Dramedy, 38 comments

#6 (tie). April 4, Songs that start with “C”, 39 comments

#6 (tie). April 2, I must be crazy… , 39 comments

#5. April 1, “A” Songs, 40 comments

#4. February 3, Retirement, Blogging, the A to Z Challenge, and a Request for Help, 40 comments

#3. March 21, My Theme for the 2016 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, 41 comments

#2. April 2, Beefalo, 55 comments

#1. April 1, Advertainment, 82 comments


  1. More than half of these (7) were posts from the April A to Z Challenge. Two more posts spoke of the Challenge, my theme reveal (#3) and a Stream of Consciousness Saturday post where I called for people to join my team, “Holton’s Heroes.” Clearly, the A to Z Challenge is a big part of my blogging year, with April 1 being like my Black Friday.
  2. Two posts from the Writer’s Workshop (#10 and #11) made the list, as well as two from Monday’s Music Moves Me (#12 and #6 from April 4) and two from Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#6 for April 2 and #4). In some cases, there’s overlap.
  3. I do a lot of music on the blog, and a third of my top twelve (4) were music posts, though three were for A to Z.

This tells me a lot, and I’m not sure I like what it’s telling me. I mentioned a while back that I need to shake things up a little bit here. Maybe the most important thing is taking at least one day a week to visit blogs. The reason so many of these top entries are from April is I’m going to a lot of blogs and leaving comments. I don’t give myself the necessary time during the rest of the year to do that. I’m so busy writing blog entries that I don’t stop to read what everyone else is writing. I’ve considered giving myself a day off every once in a while, maybe doing an encore presentation on those days.

So, bloggers, how do you handle this?

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