Thursday, January 26, 2017

Call Your Parents (Writer’s Workshop)

Bill, Johnny, and Bunny, 1962

I’ve been going back and forth on which prompt to do this week, and finally I decided on “Write about what you miss most about living at home with your parents.”

I really don’t want to get too maudlin here, but at this point, I miss having my parents, period. Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of my Dad’s death; my mother’s second husband, who we called Tex, died in 1992; and Mom died in 2000. My in-laws are gone, too: Joe died in 1997, and Charlotte died in 2000, a few months after Mom did. (Yeah, 2000 was a bad year.)

I was at my cousin’s house (Mom’s cousin, really; he’s my cousin once removed) about twenty years ago, and after dinner he said, “Hey, give your mother a call.” I didn’t quite understand why he said that, other than I remember he was very close to his mother, but I went ahead and called her, we had a nice chat, he got on the phone and talked with her for a while, then gave the phone back to me and I said goodbye and told her I loved her, and she told me she loved me.

I think I understand now: there comes a day when you won’t be able to talk to them, so you need to take the time now to talk to them. So, call your parents.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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  1. Well said. We should celebrate life with the living. Also thx for leaving a comment on my Mama Kat Thursday post on Favorite Edibles. Yes, I love prunes, too! My current favorite are by Sunsweet called "Plumsweets" which are dark chocolate covered prune bits that are about the size of raisins. Yum. Also have some chocolate covered Craisins by Ocean Spray on hand, too.