Friday, December 16, 2016

THE FRIDAY FIVE: Your “Yellow” Songs

Got some great responses to last week’s post of songs with “yellow” in the title. My thanks to all who suggested songs.

Yellow Rose Of Texas – Roy Rogers My beloved Mary suggested this one. An old traditional tune, Roy’s cover was my favorite of the bunch.

Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini – Brian Hyland Dan was worried that there were too many words in the title, but I didn’t care, as long as “yellow” was one of them. Carol and Jane from church suggested this one as well. This was a #1 for Brian in 1960, one of his three Top Ten hits.

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow – Frank Zappa Janie recommended this one. Zappa didn’t have a lot of singles over the years, and this failed to crack the Top 40 when it came out in 1974. It’s part of a longer suite, but I just went with the song.

Yellow Bird – The Mills Brothers Kip’s exact comment was “You’d better include ‘Yellow Bird’ before one of the Aunts sees this!” They sang this one a lot back in the Sixties. I chose this because I don’t get to play The Mills Brothers very often.

Yellow – Coldplay Arlee suggested this one, and Joey said it was her “#1 Yellow song.” It was from their 2000 album Parachutes, and only reached #48 in the US, but reached #4 in the UK and #5 in Australia.

And that’s The Friday Five for December 16, 2016. Only nine days until Christmas!

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