Thursday, November 3, 2016

Writer’s Workshop: A Blast From My Past

Cute little bastard, wasn’t I?

I don’t do a whole lot with graphics here on the blog, and I really should, at least judging by what all the blogging goo-roos advise.

This was taken at my Aunt Jinx’s and Uncle Cas’s wedding, I’m going to say circa 1961. And I can say that, knowing that all of my aunts will tell me, either here or on Facebook, that I got it all wrong, it was 1962 or whenever. I was asked to be the ringbearer at said wedding, with my Mom’s cousin Cathy (who’s my age) serving as the flower girl. As you can see, I wore a white suit to execute my duties, kind of like a Good Humor man. I carried a pillow with two fake rings sewn onto it, since they didn’t trust me with the real things. Basically, I was part of the decorations.

I’m sitting with my parents here. They were about thirty, 29 if you get really fussy about it, so they look really good. This was taken at the reception, held at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago, right where Lake Shore Drive makes a sharp left before getting to Michigan Avenue. Again, I’m not really sure about the Drake; I’ll have to rely on my aunts to correct me there as well. What I remember really well was that they were giving out rice to everyone to throw at Jinx and Cas when they returned from changing their clothes so they could make their escape to the honeymoon. They took a long time, by which time the rice cooked in my hand and Dad told me to drop it in an ashtray.

When I was officially done with my ringbearing duties, Mom and Dad took me home and I got to hang out with my brothers and Grandma while they went back out to a party or something. I was glad to get out of the suit and ditch the pillow.

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  1. cute picture. As to the question of balls falling into those sump basins, I have no idea. It was never mentioned.