Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two For Tuesday: Ella Fitzgerald


I know I’ve featured Ella Fitzgerald in a couple of Battles of the Bands (and she lost both times), but didn’t realize I hadn’t done a Two for Tuesday on her in all this time. Which I think is weird, because two of my favorite albums are by her (her Cole Porter and Jerome Kern songbooks) and, late in her life, she worked with one of the quintessential jazz guitarists, Joe Pass. And who could forget her work with Louis Armstrong in the Sixties?

Rather than trying to tell her story (which you can read on Wikipedia, like I usually end up doing), I’m just going to share a couple of songs from the two songbook albums I have. First is “You Do Something To Me,” from Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook. Fans of the movie Blazing Saddles (admit it, you know you are) will recognize some of the lyrics.

Second is “All The Things You Are,” from Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Jerome Kern Songbook. Kern wrote this with Oscar Hammerstein II. Ella is accompanied by Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra. Beginning jazz guitarists learn this song as an example of the ii-V7-I progression.

Ella Fitzgerald, your Two for Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

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