Friday, November 4, 2016

The Friday Five: Your “Smoke” Songs

Last week I gave you six songs with “smoke” in the title and invited you to come up with more. Here are the five that were suggested.

Blue Smoke – Dolly Parton Dan gave us this one from the lovely Ms. Parton, and I think you’ll agree it’s fun to listen to. I take no responsibility if you hurt yourself while dancing around the room.

Smokey Joe’s Cafe – The Robins Uncle Jack suggested this one. I knew there was a stage show called Smokey Joe’s Cafe, but didn’t realize it was a song. The Robins, an early doo-wop group, recorded it in 1956. Later, songwriting superstars Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller took two of the members, Carl Gardner and Bobby Nunn, as the basis for the group The Coasters. Jack said Buddy Holly and The Coasters also did it.

When Smokey Sings – ABC Jeffrey gave us this one. ABC were an early-Eighties British New Wave band that’s still working; in fact, they recorded an album, The Lexicon of Love II, earlier this year.

Smoke Dreams – k. d. lang Arlee suggested this. It’s from k. d.’s 1997 album Drag, on which she does cover versions of songs about cigarettes and in general about addiction. The album includes her cover of the theme from “Valley of the Dolls,” which has replaced Dionne Warwick’s version as my favorite. As Arlee said, k. d. is an amazingly talented singer.

Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die – Willie Nelson You just can’t have a list about smoke without Willie Nelson, can you? Janie recommended this one.

Thanks to everyone who recommended a song or left a comment. That’s your Friday Five for November 4, 2016.

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