Saturday, November 12, 2016

Memes, and Why I’m Staying Away From Facebook For A While #socs

Last August, I did a stream of consciousness entry on the brain and the mind. (The prompt that day was “mind.”) At that time, I compared a meme to a gene: where genes define physical attributes, memes define social attributes. At that time, I said a good example of a meme was “The Cubs will never win another World Series.”

Well, there goes that meme…


There are actually a couple of different types of memes, the kind discussed by Richard Brodie in his book Virus Of The Mind and the kind that appear on Facebook all the time. You know, like Grumpy Cat, Li’l Bub, the “ermahgerd girl,” and other things that don’t occur to me at the present time. On holidays like Veterans/Remembrance Day, you have the Facebook memes that ask you to like them if you want to thank the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces for their service, and at other times the memes that demand you like and share if you think people need to get over it when you say “Merry Christmas.” Stuff like that, you know.

The memes were really flying during the last two years, what with the election and all that, and I notice that, even though the election is done and dusted, people are still fighting a war for the control of our minds. I’m sure it’s happening on the TV news channels and network news broadcasts, on the talk radio stations, in magazines and newspapers and especially all over social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.

Now, I post messages to F&T every time I post here, because everyone wants to know when I post to the blog and not everyone knows about RSS syndication (incidentally, I’m back to Feedly, having bitten the bullet and paid for a year’s service, if anyone cares), so I try to go out and see the comments people leave me there, but I find if I spend more than a few minutes on them, my blood pressure rises and I feel the adrenaline start to rush and frankly I don’t need that. So today I removed Facebook and Twitter from my Kindle Fire (they weren’t on my phone; not enough room) and have resolved to stay off both of them until the holidays are over in early January. Hopefully by then things will have settled down.

I’ll still be posting here every day, of course, and if you aren’t in the habit of commenting here, it’s easy, and don’t forget The Sound of One Hand Typing FM, my simulcast blog on Blogger, in case you have trouble commenting here (or would prefer to comment there). See you around!


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