Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another Reason To Ditch Daylight Saving Time #1LinerWeds

Hopefully they’re not going to be fighting over it for the rest of their lives.

ABC News has a story about a set of twins born to a Massachusetts couple, Emily and Seth Peterson. The older of the boys, Samuel, was born at 1:39 AM on November 6, and Ronan, the younger, was born 31 minutes later. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, except Daylight Saving Time officially ended at 2 AM on November 6, and since Ronan’s birth happened ten minutes after the clocks changed, his birth was recorded at 1:10 AM. So, even though Samuel exited his mother’s womb before Ronan, as far as the records are concerned Ronan is the older twin.


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    1. Daylight Saving Time is silly. The rationale we were given for expanding it was that it would save energy, but it doesn't. All it's good for is disrupting circadian rhythms.