Thursday, October 27, 2016

Writer’s Workshop: Cable Internet vs. Inner Peace

Nothing makes me lose peace worse than Internet issues, and we’ve had a boatload of them lately. Seems we’ll be going along and everything will be fine, then suddenly we have no connection (despite the modem showing all the connections are okay), after which the modem (actually a gateway, a combined modem and wi-fi router) will reset itself. It might go hours or days without this issue (or maybe I’m not home when it happens), then it’ll start pulling the disconnecting and resetting thing every twenty minutes.

I thought it might be related to the cable connection into my office, so I moved the gateway downstairs near the TV, where we have another cable connection we’re no longer using for TV. No difference. Finally, I bought a new gateway, thinking Bombast (it rhymes) would tell me it wasn’t their signal, it was my equipment. Same issue. I contacted the manufacturer of the new gateway, who sent me instructions on how to read the statistics page and tell whether or not the signal was exceeding the limits of the gateway. And everything looked okay, but it was still resetting itself.

Finally, I called Bombast, and, after navigating my way through their voice menus, I get put in touch with someone. I tried to tell him what the issue was and he just walks me through the same thing I’ve been told to do, and which I’ve done myself a hundred times, during which he tells me he can knock $30 off my bill if I agree to accept cable and phone service. We cut the cord several years ago because we could get everything we wanted over the air, and we’re already shelling out for cellular phones, so I don’t need nor do I want a land line, but he was persistent (i.e. pushy). I finally told him, “Look! I don’t want cable TV, I don’t want a land line, I don’t want home security, I just want my f*cking Internet service to stop quitting on me!”

Evidently, he made some change at his end and so far it’s stayed up, but then it’s only been an hour. But I’m hopeful. I sat for about half an hour petting Minnie and Jasmine, two of my cats, until I felt peace again.

I’m starting to wonder if they cause problems on purpose to try and get me to call so they can try to sell me stuff I neither need nor want.

You realize, of course, that I lived almost forty years without the Internet. There are times I miss those days. I was a lot more peaceful then.

Pray for me, please…

from The Sound of One Hand Typing


  1. Well, internet technical stuff certainly can be frustrating. Funny story: a tree cutting service accidently cut a major Cox internet cable in Ocala, Florida and this knocked out internet service out all all over the north half of the state and most of the Panhandle for several hours.

  2. My GOD! What did those poor people DO? XD