Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Beautiful Story From My Brother

My brother Jim posted this on Facebook. I’d post directly from there, but I can’t get the post to imbed, so I have to cut-and-paste.

I watched the VP debate and I’m now watching the Arnold Palmer memorial with Jack Nicklaus talking about their competition and I again have to talk about the lack of respect in this world. Fight hard, but realize competition does not mean demeaning your opponent.

Lisa’s dad was the same age as Arnold and had played against him many times as an amateur. When I worked for her dad we had to work a Monday event where Arnold was the star. We hated Monday events and Dean was in a foul mood. He said “Arnie won’t even remember me”. He was so wrong. About an hour before the event was supposed to start the door from the locker room to the pro shop blew open and Arnie says “where’s Dean?” I’m 21 years old, looking at Arnold f***ing Palmer and just point to Dean’s office. Arnie goes back there and stays for 45 minutes talking. He signs the LeRoy Niemann lithograph Dean has and goes to the first tee. Lisa’s dad is giddy…:he remembered me”. He rode that feeling of respect for a long time. That lithograph is in our home today.

As contentious as the competition for president is, let’s remember that the most intense competition is based on respect. If we forget that we have nothing.

Exactly. I worry that, when this election is over, there will be people — good friends — not speaking to one another. Please, let’s not let that happen.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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