Thursday, September 8, 2016

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “September Song” Results


In my September 1 Battle, the song was Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson’s “September Song,” from the 1938 Broadway musical production of Knickerbocker Holiday, and the contestants were Jimmy Durante and The Platters. The results? Drum roll, please…

We have a tie!

Jimmy Durante: 7
The Platters: 7

The Platters’ cover of this song was everything that was right about The Platters: gorgeous voices and perfect harmony. As a musical performance, it can’t be beat. Jimmy Durante, on the other hand, brought a poignancy to the song that only he could. What he lacked in singing ability he made up for in emotion. These were essentially the reasons you gave for voting one way or the other.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this battle, and congratulations to both Jimmy Durante and The Platters for a job well done. I’ll be back with another battle next Thursday, so tune in then. I leave you with Walter Huston’s original version…

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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