Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#1LinerWeds from Dick Tracy

Six two and even, over and out!
– Dick Tracy

When I was in first grade, my favorite TV show was “Dick Tracy’s Crimestoppers!” It starred Ray Rayner, a local celebrity who appeared on many WGN kids’ shows over the years, as Sgt. Pettibone, who had a puppet dog companion that the viewers named Tracer.

Ray Rayner as Sgt. Pettibone, with Tracer (Public Domain)

The show mostly consisted of Ray and Tracer (created and voiced by Roy Brown) interacting with each other in between episodes of “The Dick Tracy Show“, a UPA cartoon (UPA was also responsible for “Mister Magoo” and the “Frosty The Snowman” cartoon I feature at Christmastime) that used the Dick Tracy character to introduce its not-at-all politically correct characters, who would then fight the crime and catch the bad guys, whereupon Tracy would reappear and drag the miscreants off to justice (given the general tenor of the newspaper “Dick Tracy” cartoon, this probably meant taking them out to the alley behind the police station and shooting them). I talked about this cartoon last Thursday, where I also supplied a sample video, so go over there if you want to see what I’m talking about.

When they canceled “Dick Tracy’s Crimestoppers!” I was inconsolable. I cried for half an hour, until my mother “called the station” (actually, acted like she was calling WGN) and said they told her it’d be back in September. You know six-year-olds; I immediately forgot about it, and when “Dick Tracy’s Crimestoppers!” wasn’t on the fall lineup, I didn’t notice.


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