Thursday, August 11, 2016

Writer’s Workshop: I’ve Won The Cable Internet War! Or At Least A Small Battle

Sometimes, I look at the prompts for the Writer’s Workshop and there doesn’t appear to be one that I could write anything about. We have no kids, and it appears that I belong to, as Mama Kat would call it, “her mother’s generation.” After all, the commercials she said were targeted at her mother’s genereation are aimed at me as well. Getting old sucks, but it’s better than the alternative, or to put it another way, “better over the hill than under it.”

But sometimes I have to get creative with the prompts, so I was going to write about the superpower I would like most to have (time travel), but then I discovered she wanted the super MOM power that I wanted, and, well, I don’t qualify on a couple of grounds. Then there was the prompt about something I did when I was younger that I wouldn’t allow my kid to do; as I said, I have no kids, and if I did, I’d be willing to let them do just about anything (maybe not drugs, but then, I didn’t do them either). DFACS might have a different idea about that one, as might at least one candidate for president and a few other politicians of that ilk. As for my dream summer vacation, well, I’m not a summer vacation person, nor is Mary, and I couldn’t think of anything I would want to do other than stay home, which is what I’m doing anyway.

I’m working on this kind of late because I’ve been having Internet issues…

Public Domain (Source:Wikipedia)

I had my cable modem/wi-fi router installed in my office for the longest time, and of late the connection has been going in and out and in and out and in and out (kind of like The Who’s “Squeezebox”). This happened a couple of months ago, and I spoke with a nice lady who told me if the problem persisted, I would need to have one of their technicians come to the house and check my connections. I really don’t want someone from Comcast crawling around my house and tearing the siding off the house to get at the cable coming into my office, because then I not only have to pay them but also the siding company to come out and fix the siding. See, the connection was added a while ago, before the siding, which was installed over the cables. Besides, the last time we had to contact Comcast to come to the house and do something, they had to come back half a dozen times (well, three, anyway) to get it right.

So, during one of my frequent outages, I was playing solitaire and wondering how I was going to solve my predicament, when it hit me: there are three other cable connections in the house that aren’t being used because we cut the cord, and that I should be able to hook up to any of them. I chose the one in the living room, and voila! It’s been up for four hours straight with no interruption of service.

Problem solved, with no house visit by Comcast.

Just thought I’d share…

(Note: That was the prompt, to write a post that ends with the word “share.”)

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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