Sunday, August 14, 2016

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YouTube user stevations posts a lot of commercials and other vintage TV clips, mostly from the Norfolk-Hampton Roads-Virginia Beach area. His is another channel I recommend to vintage TV buffs.

The Week That Was

Well, it doesn’t appear moving the modem/router was the answer to my up-and-down Internet issues. It worked for a while then started doing its up-and-down thing again yesterday. However, when I called Comcast they told me right away that there were “issues in my area” that they expected would be fixed by 22, i.e. 10 p.m. yesterday. And they were, and I thought that might solve the problems I’ve been having, but no, that wasn’t the case, though it is a little more reliable. The good news is the problem is likely outside the house (somewhere between the column outside near the street and the house), so the tech doesn’t need to come inside to fix it. My guess is it’s the splitter they’ve installed to split the signal three ways to route to the cable hookups.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the badge I designed for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, which was the big winner in the badge contest. It was a surprise, because all of them looked like winners to me. I’m also happy so many liked my SoC entry yesterday, where the word “cash” reminded me of my great-aunt Cash, who was much loved by the family and practically everyone who knew her. It was necessarily brief because I only had five minutes (which I stretched to ten because I type with only one hand). There isn’t enough paper in the world to write about her, she was a great lady, and lots of fun. No doubt I’ll talk more about her as time goes on.

The Friday Five turned into the Friday Fifteen because you all did a great job of coming up with songs that have “moon” in the title. Thanks, you made my job easier.

The Writer’s Workshop prompt I chose was “write a story ending with the word ‘share.'” I shared all about my trials and tribulations with my Internet service, which were only partly resolved by moving the modem/router. More to come on this as I call Comcast if the problem persists and have them send someone out.

I keep seeing ads for Google Fiber here and there. Part of the Atlanta area already has service (but not mine). If anyone reading this has Internet service with them, how is it working out for you?

On One-Liner Wednesday, I wrote what I intend on being the only commentary I have on this year’s election in the US. My message was don’t let the poor quality of the main candidates for President keep you from voting this November. There are a couple of “third-party” candidates for the office as well, and President isn’t even the most important office you’ll be voting on. Focus on the elections for US Representative and Senator, if you live in a state choosing one this time around, as well as the state and local elections. In the long run, those will have a far greater impact on your life than who lives in the White House. Write yourself in for President, or write in Godzilla or “none of the above” if you don’t want to choose.

Miss Connie Francis was the subject of this week’s Two for Tuesday, the first in the series of “Chanteuses.” Connie has had a long and at times tortured career, but still sounds and looks wonderful.

The theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me was “songs with weather terms in the title.” I’ve done so many posts with “rain” in the title that I tried to avoid those, although I did include “Rainy Night In Georgia” by Brook Benton because I love it so. That song will be the basis for my next Battle of the Bands, which kicks off tomorrow. The first song on my “Rain Songs” playlist, by the way, is “Rhythm of the Rain” by The Cascades. I know how much people love that one, and I get lots of requests for it. In fact, here it is.

So, this week: a Battle of the Bands tomorrow, and all your favorite features will be here as well. See you this week!

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