Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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Yeah, it’s two lines. So sue me.

I promise, this will be the only time I discuss politics vis a vis the 2016 election in the US.

I’m speaking specifically to those of you who live in the great United States of Vespucci America.

Sometimes, it sucks to be an adult. Like this year, a Presidential election year where the choices are like the gas chamber and the electric chair. Either way you choose, you lose. Roughly 40% of voting-age adults are going to sit this out, like they always do, and the number might be closer to 50% when election day is done and dusted, because people have better things to do than choose between Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t.

A couple of things to remember:

  • There are at least four candidates for President, not just the two that get all the attention. In addition to Trump and Clinton, there’s Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. There might be others in your state. If the Red and Blue candidates don’t do it for you, consider one of the others running.

    I know what you’re probably saying: “But John, isn’t that wasting your vote?” That’s propaganda that the Red and Blue teams have been spreading for years. There are even people who believe that democracy in the United States will come to a sudden and violent end unless the two-party system is maintained. Their problem is, they can’t count above two. There have always been more than two parties in this country; it’s just that the Red and Blue teams discourage you from voting for them by telling you “your vote for a third party candidate is wasted,” and have rigged the rules so there’s no way anyone but a Republican or Democrat can win, short of a sudden outpouring of support for a third-party candidate. The only way to waste your vote is not to cast it. If you can’t decide, vote for yourself, Bozo the Cockeyed Clown, or anyone else you want. (You can even vote “none of the above.”) It’s one fewer vote for them.

  • Far more important than who you choose to be President is who you choose to be your US Representative and US Senator (if you’re voting on one this year). Congress has an approval rating of 11%, and yet 95% of them get re-elected. That’s stupid. If everyone spent as much time analyzing and evaluating who they send to Congress as who gets to live in the White House, there would be much more turnover. And don’t forget, Congress can stop what the President wants to do, provided they do their job. If they aren’t, throw them out.
  • Don’t neglect the state and local elections! In some ways they’re even more important than the federal offices.

Don’t be one of those people who walks into the voting booth, votes for President, and leaves. Don’t let the two worst candidates for President in history keep you away from the voting booth on November 8. Above all, don’t let fear dictate who you vote for. You’ll hear all kinds of horror stories about what will happen if you vote or don’t vote a certain way. Remember what H. L. Mencken said about them.


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  1. Glad not to be an American right now. Your election is "entertaining" and yet scary for the rest of the world!

    1. It doesn't scare me that much, simply because anyone who gets elected has to work with Congress and the Supreme Court, and there's no guarantee of either. But this is a direct result of people voting for the lesser of two evils all these years: now we have two evils that are roughly the same (the electric chair versus the gas chamber I talked about above).