Sunday, July 10, 2016

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By the time I started smoking Kools, they had stopped printing the cute picture of Willie the Kool Penguin on each one. (Yes, that’s his name.) I stopped smoking years ago, so no lectures.

The Week That Was

After writing about the old game show Concentration! yesterday for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I went out to the Internet Archive and was able to find an episode from their 1963 Tournament of Champions that September. The Internet Archive is a tremendous resource, and I never think of it, for some reason. I mentioned that much of the more esoteric stuff (i.e. weird shit) I know came from watching game shows. Arlee said the same thing, and says he’s forgotten most of it. I think it’s more a case of not remembering where you knew it from, but I could be wrong.

I got back to picking songs based on a theme word for The Friday Five. My word for the day was “catch,” although at the end of the entry, I wrote “chase” for some reason. Mollie spotted that pretty much right away, and I thank her for that. She also recommended John Anderson’s “Would You Catch A Falling Star?” which is nothing like Perry Como’s song. Good song; sounds like some Bakersfield influence on it.

The winner of my latest Battle of the Bands, Battle “Iko Iko” (Dr. John vs. Natasha England) was Dr. John, but only by one vote. Caught me by surprise, but that’s the Battle of the Bands for you.

The prompt I chose for Writer’s Workshop on Thursday was “the last thing that made you laugh,” and I chose something Mary found on Facebook called “Fire Crotch” that I could see a hundred times and it would still make me laugh, because it involves a guy doing something stupid with fireworks and almost setting himself ablaze. I then talked about some of my own stupid guy tricks, which has many mothers of young boys worried, because they can just see their sons trying the same sorts of things. Uncle Jack remembered the time I set the back porch on fire while trying to burn newspaper the way Mom did when we lived in Indianapolis (I was four and just wanted to help). Joey remembered the gas station in Tennessee (on I-24 outside of Chattanooga, just before the mountains when driving north) that sells beer, cigarettes, gasoline, and fireworks. Talk about your recipe for disaster…

One-Liner Wednesday featured yet another thing I found on Facebook that played off the “glass is half-empty/glass is half-full” meme. There was another one I saw a while ago that said the point is that the glass is refillable. Still another came from Mick Goodrick in The Advancing Guitarist, who said the size of the glass is less important than that the glass is full.

And that’s your lecture in Zen for today…

Paul Williams, who wrote several songs that Three Dog Night performed (yes, we’re still on that topic), was the featured artist on Two For Tuesday. Paul is also an actor, although the roles he’s been in have not been anywhere close to Academy Award or Emmy winners, though he has a couple of Oscars for songwriting and for movie scores. Sue also reminded me he is a voice actor of some merit, reminding me that I had taken a couple of classes in voice-overs. Never made anything of it, though, but I now know that the way they taught us to breathe in those classes is also the way they tell you to breathe for lymphatic drainage.

The theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me was “America,” as it was the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence (i.e. Independence Day) in the United States. I responded with several appropriate tunes, including three Sousa marches. It is not for no reason that he’s considered “The March King.”

That’s it for The Week That Was this week. I already have tomorrow’s M4 entry written for tomorrow, and there’s lots of music in it. You have been warned. All the regular features will be here, as well as a couple of surprises, as much for me as for you. I’m expecting a bed wedge for my feet, wich will raise my feet up above my heart when I sleep, ostensibly to encourage the lymph to drain from my legs, so I’ll likely talk about that, as well as the All-Star Game, which happens this Tuesday, weather permitting. I’ve also been fighting my way through Dave Eggers’ The Circle, which has been slow going, so I might try listening to it on TuneIn Radio. I’ve been meaning to explore that feature of TuneIn, and now I have a reason. They have a fairly robust selection of audiobooks there.

By the way, I’ve begun my third year of daily blogging. Just thought I’d mention it.

Have a good week!

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