Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Week That Was, Brought To You By TR-3

Here’s Broderick Crawford for TR-3 Resin Glaze, the ultimate skin care for your car!

It would have been great if they had used a 1950’s Highway Patrol car.

The Week That Was

I saw this on Facebook this morning, and thought it was appropriate given my Stream of Consciousness entry yesterday…


A few of you readers/cat owners (joey, ghostmmnc, and L. S. Engler) agreed that cats have no concept of time, at least as we understand it. There’s something quite wonderful about cats that way. They eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired, handle eliminatory functions when they have to (hopefully in the litter box), play when they feel like it (usually when the humans are trying to sleep), and climb into our laps when they feel the need to grace us with their presence. Janet let me know that California is thinking of eliminating Daylight Saving Time, which works well except on the Native American reservations, which use DST by Federal law. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? “Okay, this is your land, and you make the rules, except you have to change your clocks twice a year.” That’s the way the government works. Laws, of course, are set by Congress, most of whom had nothing to do with writing them and haven’t bothered to read them… but that’s a discussion for another day. HilaryMB is sufficiently awed by the sheer math of time, and is amazed that there’s some information from outer space that takes forty years to get here. Wouldn’t it be funny if the messages from outer space were their commercials?

Speaking of cats, The Friday Five featured songs that have “cat” in the title. Y’all came up with five of your own, which means this Friday will be a reader’s choice Friday Five! Thanks to all who contributed.

Yvonne Elliman won Battle “Hello Stranger,” doubling up The Capitols 6-3. Arlee reminded me this is a light time of the year, which is why the voting was so light.

I apologize for getting a little preachy about protecting yourself against the sun in my Writer’s Workshop entry, but seriously, melanoma is an especially nasty form of cancer, easy to cure if you catch it in the early stages, impossible if you don’t. You need only watch someone you love die from it (as I did) to realize how bad it can be. Many of you have had brushes with skin cancer (Reocochran and Keith) or know someone who has (Joey and Janet), and others have decided that the risk isn’t worth the “St. Tropez Tan.” May mentioned she wasn’t aware of the Indian head on the back of the Coppertone bottle back in the Sixties. I looked it up, and one of their advertising slogans was “Don’t Be A Paleface.”

Got some interesting replies to my One-Liner Wednesday entry, which was a quote from a local newsman who had done a “Reality Check” segment about the apparent dearth of choices for this year’s presidential election. Turns out that, in addition to the red team and the blue team, there are choices from the Libertarian and Green Parties, both of whom are getting a lot more attention given the concerns about the two “mainstream” candidates. There are the usual concerns about the “wrong” candidate winning the election because a significant number of voters chose one of the third-party candidates instead of holding their nose and voting for someone they didn’t like almost as much as they didn’t like the candidate they didn’t want to win. A vote for a third-party candidate isn’t a wasted vote; it’s a vote against both the mainstream candidates. Staying home and not voting is a wasted vote. I’ll have more to say about this after next week, when the red and blue teams have made their choices “official.” Stay tuned.

Two for Tuesday featured the remarkable Leo Sayer, who turned me off when I saw him for the first time, dressed in a Pierrot costume, but whose music really grew on me as I got older. Eden remembers the days of sitting in the front seat of her mother’s car, listening to the radio, switching between stations, while her mother was in the store. Sadly, leaving your child in a car alone, with the keys in the ignition so the kid can listen to the radio, now earns you a trip to prison and your children being taken from you. Not that there’s anything worth listening to on the radio these days. As Eden said, because of a few bad parents, we can’t have nice things anymore.

It was a freebie week for Monday’s Music Moves Me, so I celebrated the “dog days of summer” with a few songs about dogs. A lot of you liked the song “Me And You And A Dog Named Boo,” which I hated when it came out but kind of like now. A lot of music I hated then I love now. It was by a singer who called himself Lobo; at the same time we had two bands named Toto and Poco. Imagine our confusion. I got enough suggestions that tomorrow, which has been decreed as yet another “freebie” day, will feature your choices for dog songs. Be sure and join us.

So, that wraps up another edition of The Week That Was. Thanks for watching reading! See you this week!

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