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The Friday Five: WLS’s Top Five from Independence Day Weekend, 1976

Happy Canada Day, all my Canadian friends! I thought I might do a post featuring Canadian artists, then I remembered that I already had done one for Canadian Thanksgiving, just last October. Then I thought, well, Independence Day weekend, then I remembered that “America” was the theme for this coming Monday’s Music Moves Me, and I didn’t want to spoil that.

Still, I wanted to do something to commemorate the holiday, so back to Oldiesloon I went to look for something specific: the surveys from Independence Day weekend, 1976, because as anyone over the age of, say, 45 remembers that was this nation’s Bicentennial celebration. It was also the weekend my cousin Mary Ann and her husband Mike were married, so happy fortieth anniversary to them! I had thought I might feature the one from WCFL for that weekend, but by that time Super CFL was no more, having switched to “beautiful music” in March of that year.

So here are the top five tunes from Independence Day 1976 according to WLS, who had this to say:

The WLS Musicradio Surveys represent the station’s estimate of current and potential music popularity as reflected in such measures as record sales, juke box play, audience Interviews, listener requests, and national charts.

One thing you might note is that the Top Five didn’t change from the week before, but the songs moved.

#5: “Rock & Roll Love Letter,” The Bay City Rollers I’ll be honest, I didn’t remember this one. Maybe I put it out of my mind. This dropped from #4 a week earlier.

#4: “Boys Are Back In Town,” Thin Lizzy Now this one I remember. It’s one of those songs I liked the first time I heard it, and every time since. This is the slightly-longer album version. This rose from #5 the week before.

#3: “Silly Love Songs,” Wings Paul McCartney’s “Wings” period was not my favorite. His first solo album after The Beatles (1970’s McCartney) was great, and it looked like he was headed in a different direction, but he changed course again and went back to writing “silly love songs.” There’s no doubt Wings was a popular band in the Seventies, though. This was down from #2 the week before.

#2: “Get Up And Boogie,” Silver Convention Up from #3 this week is the only disco tune in the Top Five, which surprises me a little. Disco hit the peak of its popularity in the mid-Seventies. But anyway, Silver Convention was a German Euro Disco band. This was their follow-up hit after “Fly, Robin, Fly.”

#1: “Shop Around,” Captain & Tennille For the second straight week, this cover of a Smokey Robinson tune held the #1 spot.

Interesting note: the following week, “Shop Around” was knocked out of the #1 spot by The Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life,” which had been recorded ten years earlier for 1966’s Revolver and had been included on the 1976 album Rock ‘n’ Roll Music. It had been at #9 for the week ending July 3.

And that’s your Friday Five for July 1, 2016.

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