Sunday, July 31, 2016

The End-Of-July Week That Was

This week The Week That Was is sponsored by Union 76 service stations. The Spirit of ’76 lives at Union Oil!

The guy in the commercial looks like a cross between Larry Linville and Bill Daily, doesn’t he?

The Week That Was

A little correction on Wednesday’s “Buck Young” story: while at least two and possibly three of the Daley boys (William, John, and I think Michael) went to St. Ignatius, Richard M. (Richie) Daley went to DeLaSalle Academy, as did his father. Uncle Tim (married to my Aunt Bitsy) went to DeLaSalle, and wanted to make sure I got that right. (It’s a Chicago thing.) The Sound of One Hand Typing regrets the error.

I didn’t realize until Monday that I had done songs about dogs on the previous Monday and songs with “cat” in the title that Friday. Anyway, this week I did your selections for dog songs for Monday’s Music Moves Me and your selections for cat songs for The Friday Five. Mollie reminded me of one we missed, “The Siamese Cat Song” from Disney’s Lady And The Tramp.

That’s one Disney picture I never saw. One of the many, actually. We have had one full Siamese and three half-Siamese cats over the years, and while the full Siamese was very laid-back and gentle, the other three were not. Our current half-Siamese, Amy, is pretty docile, but she has this toy mouse that she finds in the middle of the night and starts with the Siamese howl. With her and Lucy, we definitely got the noisy half.

Two for Tuesday featured Dave Loggins, Kenny’s cousin and a fine songwriter who sadly never made it as a performer. Dan said that he liked Three Dog Night’s version of “Pieces of April,” which Dave wrote, and he was a hard rock fan at the time. I kind of felt the same about Barry Manilow, which Dan said we could agree to disagree on.

Speaking of agreeing to disagree, One-Liner Wednesday featured a line from H. L. Mencken, must reading for me during this and any election cycle. Dan thought it was appropos even though Mencken died sixty years ago, while Linda said “it can and will get worse.” I’m almost counting on it. As I said, time to make the popcorn.

I think I’ll stay off Facebook and avoid watching anything on TV until the election and all the requisite screaming and gloom and doom predictions are over. I considered deleting my account, but then I’d have no way to stay in touch with my family. I’m really lousy with the phone…

My “family stories” seem to be going over really well. Thanks for the feedback on them.

The prompt I chose from Mama Kat for Writer’s Workshop was to find a photograph from a past July and write a post about it. Well, I really don’t put too many photographs in my posts, because I’m a lousy photographer, preferring to use videos, image quotes, clip art, and vector graphics, so I shared a graphic I created for a previous One-Liner Wednesday post, a line by David Mamet from one of his plays that concerns pie, one of my favorite things. It turned into a stream-of-consciousness piece about pie, Mamet, and graphics. Jennifer said she loves pie but hates to make it. That’s where Marie Callender and Pet-Ritz come in. All you have to do then is pop it in the oven, take it out when it’s done, let it cool, and serve. Easy peasy.

I was all over the place with my Stream of Consciousness Saturday piece, prompted by the word “art.” In it, I talked a little bit about the “Max Headroom” incident, where someone in the Chicago area managed to break into the microwave transmission of a couple of TV stations and replace it with a silly and occasionally profane performance by a guy in a Max Headroom mask. You might remember Max from the New Coke commercials…

An actor by the name of Matt Frewer played Max in the commercials and the TV series. Good to see it didn’t impact his career too badly. As for New Coke, it was either the stupidest move ever made by a company or the most brilliant one. After a few months of badly-declining sales, Coca-Cola brought back Coke Classic, and sales took off. The question remains, did they intend on doing it all along?

Anyway, that’s it for The Week That Was. Today is the feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order that has been instrumental in my life, so Mary and I plan to celebrate. Battle of the Bands tomorrow, all the regular features this week. I just found out that they plan on rebuilding the deck on the front of the house this coming weekend, so I’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the house next weekend. Those are the stairs I use to get in and out of the house. Have a good week, and we’ll see you this week!

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