Saturday, July 30, 2016

Art The Bunny #socs

Mary used to play the recorder, and bought a book once called The Art Of The Recorder (which we no longer have). There was a picture on the cover of a recorder with a delicate butterfly alighted on it. I decided that the butterfly’s name was Art.

Kind of like Pat The Bunny. You know, that little kid’s book? I thought the bunny’s name was Pat, and he talked like Edward G. Robinson. “Yeah… I’m Pat the Bunny, see? And don’t touch me or I’ll kick your ass, see?”

Remember the Warner Brothers cartoons where they’d draw in actual actors, like Bob Hope, Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart, and yes, Edward G. Robinson? Usually they’d have Bugs Bunny matching wits with them, and naturally the actors came up on the short end of things.

Remember the Eighties band The Art Of Noise, or just Art of Noise? They did this with Duane Eddy.

They also did “Kiss” with Tom Jones and this one with the incomparable Max Headroom, “Paranoimia.”

A guy in a Max Headroom mask managed to hijack the signals from WGN and WTTW on a Sunday night in 1987. They still don’t know who did it or how he did it. You can hear all about it here.

Ben Minnotte, who runs The Oddity Archive, got the video from Rick Klein at The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, two of my favorite websites. One of Rick’s fans sent the video in, and no, it wasn’t me.

Jan Akkerman, who once upon a time was the guitarist for Focus (who had one hit, “Hocus Pocus”), recorded an album called The Noise of Art. Here’s a track from the album, “Bonneville.”

There was a disc jockey on WLS in the Sixties named Art Roberts, who did the nine-to-midnight shift, and he would always end his show with the line, “This has been a work of Art.”

So has this…



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