Thursday, June 30, 2016

Writer’s Workshop: My Recent Life In Fifteen Sentences

I finished my lymphedema therapy on Tuesday. Diane, my therapist, helped me put on my Juxtalite compression garments and showed Mary and I how to get them on and off. Yesterday was our first time doing it, and I don’t think it went well. When I took the Justalites off at bedtime, I thought I had started swelling up again, but by this morning my legs had shrunk, and today we took our time and got them on comfortably and more or less correctly.

Diane showed me how to do some of the gentle massaging she did to stimulate my lymphatic system and get the fluid from my leg up through my heart, and from there through the kidneys and out. I did some of that last night, and although I was getting up to go to the bathroom about every ninety minutes, it helped shrink my leg down. Mary said she’ll help me with the massaging; she’ll be able to get lower on the leg than I can.

This discussion of my physical ailments probably fits into the TMI area, but there isn’t much to talk about otherwise. It’s been very hot and humid here in Georgia, and we’ve been blasting the air conditioning at night so we can get some sleep. We end up doing it during the day as well. We do escape whenever we can, to Starbucks, where it’s air conditioned. My great-aunt Florence told the story of when she was working in Kansas City. She said the building was air conditioned, and when people would walk out into the hot-and-humid a lot of them fainted. What did we do before then?

I wasn’t sure I could keep this discussion down to fifteen sentences (how I’m interpreting the requirement of “Write a blog post in exactly fifteen lines”). I guess I could.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing


  1. I hope you're feeling better. When we have health concerns I find they dominate our thoughts so it's natural to write about them here. Happy 4th! Stay cool but not so cool you faint : )