Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time for a new feed reader? #socs

I’m having trouble with Feedly, the RSS reader I use to read blog posts. It’s working all right, but I have a number of IFTTT scripts that run against it that have been shut off for more than a week now. IFTTT says it’s Feedly’s fault, and that I should contact them. Unfortunately, Feedly hasn’t answered, and I have a feeling they’re going to tell me the reason it’s not working is I’m not a Feedly Pro customer.

I looked at Feedly Pro, and while they have some nice features, it’s not worth the $65 a year it would cost. So, I have been looking at other feed readers, and discovered Inoreader

, which has all the services I had with Feedly as well as a few that Feedly wants $65 to give me. Free! Inoreader also has a Plus and a Pro level, which are paid levels, but nowhere near as pricey as Feedly.

I like Feedly, and am not especially happy about leaving, but for them to have changed my access and not told me has me thinking it’s time to switch. I’m going to keep both in case the problem has nothing to do with my not being a paid customer, but Inoreader looks nice right about now.

I decided, rather than move the file of blogs I read from Feedly, I would build the file on Inoreader manually. A lot of the feeds that were in the old file were dead, either for blogs that hadn’t been updated in years or for blogs that had been closed. Going forward, Inoreader will let me know about dead feeds, something Feedly said was “too hard” to do.


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  1. So far, so good. Feedly doesn't seem to consider their not talking to IFTTT a problem. Maybe it isn't.