Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Therapeutic Week That Was

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The last time I saw an ad for Grape-Nuts, Euell Gibbons was doing it. He said they taste like wild hickory nuts. I think I had them once, and didn’t like them.

The Week That Was

It was kind of a quiet week around here this week. It was a freebie week on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and I did songs with “mind” in the title. I asked for more suggestions of mind songs, and presented those for The Friday Five. Figures we all thought of the best song with “mind” in the title after I already published that: Glen Campbell’s “Gentle On My Mind.” Here it is, for those who have never heard it or who just want to hear it again. It’s a great song.

That was from Ralph Emery’s show on The Nashville Network. There was a lot of musical talent on the stage that night: I recognized Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Roy Clark, and Crystal Gayle (looking lovingly at Glen, if you ask me), and I bet you’ll recognize some others.

Two for Tuesday was a rerun of my very first one, from June 26, 2012, when this blog was just getting started. The Monkees were the subject of that first one, and since then there have been over two hundred artists I focused on. I took some time this week to build an index of all the featured artists; it should be ready this week. Watch for an announcement later this week.

One-Liner Wednesday featured a comment from a reader of The Wall Street Journal that suggested we’d all be better off if we got off Facebook and thought for ourselves. This was in reply to a column in which the author suggests that Facebook alter their newsfeed algorithm to present articles from a viewpoint opposite the one the user has shown a preference for. As I told David, a good friend from my Ghostletters days, the more I blog, the less of a use I have of social media, but I do like staying in touch with the family and there are a couple of nostalgia groups I follow. And, of course, the cat pictures and memes. I used to spend hours at a time on Facebook; now my Kindle Fire lets me know when there’s a comment I might find important, and I check a couple of times a day for what’s going on in my groups.

Thursday’s post was more a followup to a couple of things that I had talked about earlier, my trip to the therapist to deal with my lymphedema and my decision to change feed readers. My legs have been wrapped for about three days now, and I do notice an improvement, both in the swelling of the leg and the number of times I have to get up to use the bathroom at night. I go back to her on Tuesday afternoon; I’m not sure what the next step is. As for the feed readers, I confirmed that my problem with IFTTT working with Feedly was that I wasn’t a “Pro” (i.e. paying) Feedly user, and that I could expect further reductions in service as they make more services Pro-only. So, I’m getting used to Inoreader, which offered a free month of Pro service and several levels of support when the month is over. The one thing I’ve noticed about Inoreader is that some articles are repeated, the result of the RSS stream in question having the same article multiple times. What causes that, I’m not sure, although it might be a person correcting and reposting the article. There’s a fix for it on the desktop, but not on Android or iOS. It’s a small price to pay.

Linda’s prompt for yesterday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “break/brake,” which suggested a music post. Arlee managed to find a couple more songs that fit the theme just a while ago, and they should be in his comments.

So that about wraps up last week. I have a couple of therapy sessions this week, but all the regular features will be here. See you soon!

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  1. Hope you are finding the therapy helpful. Wishing you a wonderful week!

    1. So far, so good. I've still got the wrappings on, and I see her tomorrow. By July things should be under control. Let's hope...