Sunday, May 15, 2016

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Please Mr. Postman”


I don’t remember if I’ve done a Battle on this one, but I found two versions of the song “Please, Mr. Postman” that I had never heard before, and I had my battle. “Please, Mr. Postman” was written by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman. The original, sung by The Marvelettes, has the distinction of being the first #1 single for Motown Records. This is not part of the battle, so don’t vote for it.

I knew that The Beatles and The Carpenters had done a version of the song, but I found two new-to-me versions that I really like, and thought I’d let you decide which you like better.

CONTESTANT #1: The Saturdays: The Saturdays are a British-Irish girl band that was formed in 2007, according to Wikipedia. This single was released in 2014.

CONTESTANT #2: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club: This is from a show in the 1989-1990 timeframe. The young ladies are Tiffini Hale, DeeDee Magno, and Brandy Brown, and the young man playing the postman is Damon Pampolina. Tiffini, DeeDee, and Damon went on to form the band The Party after their MMC days.

Time for a vote…

So, which of these did you like better? They’re both pretty lively (dare I say, perky?) and I like the sound of both, so it’s up to you. Leave me a comment or letter, the sooner the better, telling me which of these two versions you like better, along with a little bit about why you like it better if you’d like, by Saturday at midnight Eastern Time, and I’ll bury announce the results in my Week That Was post next Sunday.

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Results next Sunday. Best of luck to our challengers!

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