Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Two (plus Three) for Tuesday: Dixie Dregs #atozchallenge

One of the bands on my list of Progressive Rock bands is The Dixie Dregs, from right here in Atlanta. I had a hard time understanding it myself until I stopped and listened to them. You’ll hear music reminiscent of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Rush, Yes, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra (one of the Dregs’ members since 1992 is Jerry Goodman, who played with Mahavishnu in the 1970’s), mixed in with Southern rock, jazz fusion, classical, bluegrass, and hard rock. Guitarist Steve Morse and drummer Rod Morganstein have been with the Dregs since the beginning in the early 1970’s and the band has enjoyed relatively little turnover in their forty-plus years.

In keeping with my second theme (five songs having something to do with the letter of the day), I’ll be featuring five songs on Two for Tuesdays this month.

Cruise Control – The first track on 1981’s Unsung Heroes album

Kat Food – Live at the House of Blues (that’s all it said in the description), 2000.

Take It Off The Top – A medley of rock hits from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 1993

Odyssey – Another from the 2000 House of Blues concert.

I’m Freaking Out – From their 1980 release Dregs of the Earth

While no longer performing, the Dregs still get together for studio work and the occasional tour while maintaining their solo careers. Steve Morse has a website here and a Facebook page.

The Dixie Dregs, your Two (plus three) for Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

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