Friday, April 29, 2016

Ten Songs By The Beatles With “You” In The Title #atozchallenge


I’ve been reading a couple of books about The Beatles, namely The Beatles: Every Little Thing by Maxwell Mackenzie and Meet The Beatles by Steven D. Stark, and it put me in a Beatles mood. Plus I realized I haven’t focused on them yet during this challenge. This started out, as all of these have, as five songs, then I thought I might put all of them in here and realized there were almost 50, so I settled on ten. I’ve probably left your favorite out; let me know what it is in the comments.

For You Blue: From Let It Be, this is a peek into one of the sessions with George, Ringo, Paul, and Johnandyoko.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away: From Help!, written and sung by John.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?: From Please Please Me (UK) or Introducing… The Beatles! (US). Written by John, sung by George, back in the days they didn’t let George write songs or sing much.

She Loves You: Originally released in the UK as a single, it was added to The Beatles’ Second Album by Capitol in the US.

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl: Also from Help!, also written and sung by John.

From Me To You: Released as a single in both the UK (Parlophone) and US (Vee Jay), it wasn’t included on an album until the compilations 1962-1966 (US) and A Collection of Beatles Oldies (UK) were compiled.

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You: Was in the movie A Hard Day’s Night (from whence this comes). The UK soundtrack album, which included songs not in the film, was issued by Parlophone. In the US, the soundtrack album was issued by United Artists Records, because UA had done the film, but the songs that were not part of the film were removed and replaced by versions of the songs done by the Hollyridge Strings. Capitol issued the album Something New for the US, which included the songs from the film and some odds and ends, because they had already released the songs from the film on the album Beatles ’65. Confused yet? George did the vocal, but the song was written by John and Paul.

Till There Was You: A cover, sung by Paul, of the song from the musical The Music Man. Includes an outstanding guitar solo by George. It was on With The Beatles in the UK, and on Meet The Beatles in the US.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Wasn’t released on an album in the UK, but was included on Meet The Beatles in the US, because that’s just the way Capitol rolled. This was The Beatles’ first #1 song in the US.

P. S. I Love You: Was on Please Please Me in the UK, but was removed from Introducing… The Beatles! by Vee Jay, simply because American albums had twelve songs, not fourteen. That’s the explanation I got. Vee Jay did release it as a single on their Tollie label as the flip side to “Love Me Do,” which had also been dropped by Vee Jay.

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  1. The Beatles appeared to like the word "you" :)

    1. One of these days, maybe I'll do an analysis of all their titles and see what word shows up the most. Could be interesting.