Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday’s Music Moves Me: Songs that start with “C” (#atozchallenge)

I’m going to piggyback the A to Z Challenge on this one, because I’m foolish enough to try…


Anyway, today is a “freebie” for MMMM, so here are five songs that start with the letter “C”.

C’est La Vie – Robbie Nevil: This song fairly screams out “EIGHTIES!” So does the video. I mean, during what other era could you imagine a video with a woman dancing in lingerie in an oil field?

Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles: Couldn’t find the actual video from A Hard Day’s Night, although there are scenes from it. It was a wonderful scene where they’re told not to wander off, and they decide to go out a fire exit and run around and play like a bunch of kids — which is what they were, anyway. Incidentally, the song is in the key of C.

Crazy On You – Heart: Their first hit in the US, reaching #35 on the Hot 100. This song is in A minor, the relative minor key of the key of C.

Cry Me A River – Julie London: The song finishes by 3:00, but the video goes on for another three minutes or so. Julie is accompanied by Barney Kessel on guitar and Ray Brown on bass.

Could It Be I’m Falling In Love – The Spinners: More great ’70’s soul, from 1973 (late December 1972, really), produced in Philadelphia by Thom Bell, with MFSB providing the backup. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for April 4, 2016!

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  1. I like several, but especially The Beatles Can't Buy me Love and Julie London's Cry Me a River. . . thanks for enlightening my evening!!