Friday, April 15, 2016

Five More By The Muppets #atozchallenge


Another A to Z Challenge/Friday Five mashup!

Everyone seemed to love the Muppets (the subject of today’s portmanteau) so much, I decided to make them the subject of today’s A to Z Music as well. So here are five more musical numbers by Jim Henson’s creations, including, where available, commentary by Statler and Waldorf (the two old cranks in the loge).

Danny Boy by The Leprechaun Brothers (The Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker)

Mahna Mahna

Rag Mop

Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women (or, if you prefer, “Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women”) – with Peter Sellers

Chopin’s Polonnaise in A Flat, by Doctor Teeth and Electric Mayhem

I hope your favorite was here. If not, let us know what it is. That’s The Friday Five for April 15, 2016.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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  1. Oh, my childhood just flashed before my eyes.