Thursday, April 14, 2016

Five “Long” Songs #atozchallenge


I had all my posts planned out for the portmanteau theme this year. When I decided to do the music theme as well, I knew I had to wing it, and here I am.

When I woke up this morning, “The Long And Winding Road” was going through my head. I took it as a sign. Here are five songs with the word “long” in the title.

The Long And Winding Road – The Beatles: I have no idea what Allen Klein was thinking when he hired Phil Spector to produce the Let It Be album. Spector added his “wall o’ sound” to it, and I think it detracted from the music. A few years ago, Apple issued Let It Be… Naked, where they stripped Spector’s contribution from the music. The result was pure magic. The first time I heard this, I was in a rental car in Orange County, California, and had to pull off the road and listen again. Here’s that version, which I created using MP3 To Video Converter.

Long, Long, Long – The Beatles: This song, “Piggies,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and “Savoy Truffle” were George Harrison’s contributions to The Beatles, better known as the “White Album.” It fell at the end of the third side (or record two, side one) and came after the infamous “Helter Skelter,” which ended with either Paul McCartney or John Lennon screaming, “I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!” I think it’s one of the prettiest songs on the album, and music critic Ian McDonald considers it George’s finest moment with The Beatles.

Long Tall Sally – Little Richard: I could have gone for three Beatles songs, as the Fab Four cut an EP with this (it appeared on The Beatles’ Second Album in the US), but figured you’d heard enough of them. Besides, Little Richard’s original is fantastic.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress – The Hollies: This is, as far as I know, the only song The Hollies recorded without their trademark harmonies, or at least the only song they released as a single where they didn’t use them. I was dating a girl named Holly when this song was popular. Just thought I’d mention it.

How Long (Has This Been Going On) – Ace: I was surprised to find out this was released in 1974; I thought it was from much later. Wikipedia tells us that this song was written by lead vocalist Paul Carrack when he learned the band’s bass player, Terry Comer, was moonlighting with another band. Comer is playing bass on this one.

Now off to figure out what I’ll do tomorrow. What are your favorite songs with “long” in the title?

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