Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five Happy Songs #atozchallenge #socs


Linda’s prompt for today is “ha,” and since it’s also the A to Z Challenge I decided to make my post for both Stream of Consciousness Saturday and the Challenge “Five Happy Songs.” So, if you’re quite ready, let’s begin…

Happy Boy Song – The Beat Farmers: Every Friday on their show, Randy and Spiff, formerly the morning guys at WFOX (Fox 97) in Atlanta, played this song. I was usually in the car on my way to work, and I’d be singing along with it, and I hate to sing. This song means the weekend to me.

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You – The Beatles: From all accounts, John and Paul thought of George as their stupid little brother. They’d do one of his songs per album, and let him be the lead singer on one. He was actually a fine composer and vocalist as well as being one of the best guitarists of the British Invasion. This is from A Hard Day’s Night, if you hadn’t guessed.

Happy Days Are Here Again – Mitch Miller: This song became popular in the early days of The New Deal, FDR’s attempt at getting the US economy moving again. And that’s all I’ll say.

Oh Happy Day – The Edwin Hawkins Singers: Back in the Sixties, there was room for all kinds of music on Top 40 radio, including easy listening, country, and gospel. This is a particularly good example of the latter. Mary suggested this, because it’s her favorite song. One of mine, too.

Happy – Pharrell Williams: This is one of those songs that everyone borrows to make a video of. In this case, Jewbellish did a version featuring film clips of traditionally-dressed Orthodox Jewish men and women letting loose and having fun. I think this is pure joy. (Here’s a newer version)

And that’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and “H” Day, for this week. Got any good “happy” songs?

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