Monday, April 25, 2016

#atozchallenge: Underwhelmed

underwhelmed =
under + overwhelmed


grumpy cat
The lovely Miss Tarder Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat

The first time I heard the word “underwhelmed,” it was from a friend of mine who had a less-than-impressive quest for his bachelor’s degree. Where it took most of us four years or less to earn the BA, or BS, or in my case BBA, it took him six years and four transfers before he got his degree. (Nowadays, that’s the norm; forty years ago, people asked what the hell was the matter with you.) He got a note from the public relations office of his eventual alma mater, telling him they were going to contact his high school to let them know he graduated, and asking for the name of a contact person. He called them and begged them not to do that, saying “Six years and four schools before I get my degree? They’ll really be underwhelmed.”

Underwhelmed, according to The Free Dictionary, means “not impressed or excited.” But you probably figured that out. I find that TV shows and movies are most likely to underwhelm me. Mary and I have figured out that the more a movie or TV show is hyped, the worse it’ll be when we actually see it.

What was the last thing that underwhelmed you? Besides the choices we have for President of the United States, I mean?


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