Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#atozchallenge: Quasar

quasar =
quasi-stellar radio source


A quasar is the most energetic and distant of a class of objects called “active galactic nuclei.” They normally occur when two galaxies collide and their central black holes merge or become binary. They’re very bright, kind of like stars, and their energy has a high “redshift” quality, meaning the waves of electromagnetic energy lengthen as the universe expands. Most of them can be found at the edge of the known universe, two to thirteen billion light-years away (a light-year is about 6 trillion miles; you do the math).

The show from The History Channel that I showed part of yesterday goes on to describe quasars. They blow my mind.

In the 1970’s Motorola came out with its “Quasar” line of color TV sets. They probably called them that because the picture tube was so bright.


from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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