Friday, April 15, 2016

#atozchallenge: Muppets

Muppet =
marionette + puppet


I don’t know of too many people who haven’t heard or seen The Muppets. Created by the late Jim Henson in 1955, they appeared first in commercials, such as these commercials for Wilkins Coffee.

At the same time, in Chicago, they advertised Kraml Milk. The commercials were almost exactly the same.

They became especially popular with the 1969 debut of Sesame Street, a show that combined education with entertainment (and lots of government funding) and aimed primarily at preschoolers and early graders. In 1976, The Muppet Show debuted in syndication, which featured a celebrity guest who would interact with the characters (one particularly funny episode featured ventriloquist Edgar Bergen with his famous dummies, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd). The Muppets would also perform routines by themselves, such as their infamous performance of “Chanson d’Amour.”

I guess it’s not as amusing as it was originally, although I still get a laugh out of it.

Sice Jim Henson’s death in 1990, the Muppets have been taken over by the Disney Corporation, who now also own the “Star Wars” franchise. Saints preserve us.

What’s your favorite Muppets sketch?


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  1. The Muppets - The original Muppet movie, is probably my favourite movie of all times. For my birthday one year maybe 6 years ago, we rented out a theatre and got the original film from 1979 (discoloured and all). As a kid, Fozzie Bear was my favourite, but as an adult, Rolf has won my heart.