Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#atozchallenge: Eurasia

Eurasia =
Europe + Asia


Eurasia (Source: Wikipedia)

Europe and Asia are considered two separate continents, but they occupy the same land mass, which we call Eurasia. The Ural and Caucasus Mountains in Russia are the dividing line between the two continents, but where one continent ends and the other begins is arbitrary and dates back to antiquity, probably based on the appearance of the people. The Suez Canal separates Eurasia from Africa, so the three continents are really one big ol’ land mass, the same way North and South America (physically divided by the Panama Canal) are a big ol’ land mass. (“Big ol’,” as in “You a big ol’ boy, ain’tcha?” is a Southern US expression meaning “large.”)

We refer to a person who has both European and Asian features as “Eurasian.” Personally, I’m a little tired of distinguishing between what we call “the races.” As Bill Nye the Science Guy said, regardless of our outward appearance or anthropological differences, we’re all humans, and that’s the only race there is. What do you think?


from The Sound of One Hand Typing


  1. My husband and I had a chat about races the other day and decide we should talk about "tribes" instead.

    1. That's certainly the way it's gotten. Maybe "gangs," too...