Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#atozchallenge: Dramedy

dramedy =
drama + comedy


A dramedy is a TV series that’s basically a drama, but has elements of a comedy. The term was coined in the 1980’s when many dramatic shows started adding elements of comedy. A good example is the long running series JAG, which starred David James Elliott and Catherine Bell as judge advocates in the US Navy. There was plenty of courtroom drama and investigation, but there was usually a second story line that was a little more light-hearted and provided comic relief. The spin-offs from that show, the NCIS family, are more good examples. More recently, The Mysteries of Laura starring Debra Messing and Hawaii Five-O, starrring Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, employ a good deal of humor along with the action.

Which shows do you watch that you would consider dramedys?


from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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