Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kind of like Christmas Eve… #atozchallenge

A2Z-BADGE [2016]


Or maybe New Year’s Eve, I’m not sure. I know on Thursdays I usually do a Thursday Ten or a prompt from Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, but I don’t have the powers of concentration for that right now.

I’m looking forward to seeing the themes people have for the Challenge. A lot of folks announced theirs already, like I did, but of the 1700+ blogs that have signed up, only about 400 actually did an announcement. But that’s okay; it was optional, and I think there are more than a few of you who don’t actually have a theme. No matter. The idea is to have fun, to meet other bloggers, and to enjoy what they have to say.

You’ll start seeing my posts for the Challenge at 6 tomorrow morning Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4). See you then!

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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  1. Great post John, and thank you for the visit to my blog.
    I am in the UK and very often buy things I see on TV,
    such as clothes and soft drinks.
    Good luck with your Challenge and enjoy your week-end.