Friday, March 25, 2016

Five Songs With Seven In The Title

This post is scheduled for 7:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time, the time I officially start my seventh decade. I could have done birthday songs, sure, but liked this idea better.

  1. Seventh Son – Johnny Rivers: A song by the great blues songwriter Willie Dixon, given an upbeat performance by Johnny Rivers.
  2. Seven Come Eleven – Charlie Christian: Jazz guitarists owe Charlie a debt of thanks, because he was the player that first popularized the electric guitar as a jazz instrument. Charlie was an incredible talent who died way too young. Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton join him on this classic.
  3. Seven Steps To Heaven – Stan Getz: Stan was known for his work in the early days of bossa nova, but here he does some straight-ahead jazz with Kenny Barron (piano), Alex Blake (bass), and the lovely Terri Lynne Carrington (drums).
  4. 007 (Shanty Town) – Desmond Dekker: Desmond is best known for his 1968 Top 40 hit “The Israelites.” He’s in fine voice here.
  5. Seven Drunken Nights – The Dubliners: I know, it’s a little late for St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll usually hear this in Irish pubs after the crowd has had a few pints of Guinness. Usually, after the singer gets to the line “So, I called to me wife and I said to her,” everyone in the crowd will shout, “HEY, WIFE!” It’s missing here, so you can supply it.

And that’s The Friday Five for March 25, 1956.

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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